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What others say about Simon's analysis:

Simon, You did a fantastic job through-out the recent crises. Keep up the good work!
Robert, CFA, CPA, MBA, and retired San Francisco small cap value portfolio manager.

I've been following Simon since 2008 and he has the best track record of the 4 newsletters I subscribe to.
Roy, California

Simon, my hat goes off to you. I have been a subscriber ever since March 11 and I am so impressed with your technical analysis. Seems like everything you say in the reports is right on. You have yet to be wrong. Especially the last few weeks. If I was on my own I would never believe the market will behave this way. Because of your careful study I have done fabulously in the market. I feel like I owe you.
Eva, AZ

Simon, great call on the bounce. You're the only one on my team of guru's who didn't capitulate. Got me back to even rather than down 18%. I bailed with you yesterday. You're now my lead guru.
Craig, Texas

Dear Simon, you have chosen a tough business. You will get more brick bats than rose petals and silence may be your best praise. I respect integrity and I find it in you. I hope you are proud of creating a community of friends who come here every day like "Cheers" where everyone knows your name.
John, Louisiana

Mr. Maierhofer, Thank you for including me in your free newsletter! If and when I get enough funds, I will be glad to become a full subscriber! I admire your perspective above all other "analysts" in the business.
Clarence, Colorado

Simon, I am a little awed and star struck by you! IÔÇÖve read the articles that are available to the public and already have great confidence in your ability to give amazing advice. Looking forward to having you as a guide in this crazy mixed up situation.
Theresa, Wisconsin

Simon, Just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for the extra guidance. All the above and beyond guidance is certainly noticed by subscribers like myself (and surely others). Thank you again.
Roman, Florida

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What others say about Simon's analysis:

Simon, You're one of the best around and I take A LOT of services. I'm an ex-commodity broker from the 70's & 80's so I know of which I speak. You're good, really good and you're not out there like you should be. I'd be willing to be a testimonial that's for sure. I wish you tremendous success as you deserve it.
Mike, undying subscriber

Simon might not think he is a magician but I do.
Steve, United Kingdom

I'm learning a lot from your service. I'm getting some friends to subscribe. Thanks again.
Michael, Massachusetts

Congratulations on your analysis, a strong mix of technical and a great broader understanding of fundamental economic issues. In the research I've done it's not normal to see a weighted blend of both analysis, so I really enjoy reading your work.
Jim, Australia

My appreciation for your guidance here cannot be overstated.
Paul, Texas

Dear Simon, happiness is making money when the market is down! You've been amazingly prescient in your analyses. Thank you.
Howard, California

Simon, just read your update from tonight, we are so very fortunate that you make this extra effort for us! Excellent update gives excellent advice going forward. Kudos! You've made a believer of me!
Laurie, California

By the way, I love the forecasts. You did a great job calling the last bottom in the beginning of October!! Mahalo.
Scott, Hawaii

I really enjoy your publication ÔÇŽ more so than the others I have.
Michael, Pennsylvania

Thanks , Simon. I appreciate your advice and learn so much from you.
Richard, Tennessee

These forecast have been great, I am very impressed as a new member!
Cheng, Washington

Best newsletter I have ever purchased. Bill, Washington

Here's what subscribers to Simon's previous newsletter said when they cancelled or the subscription came up for renewal:

I would like to renew again for another year and you have my permission to charge the renewal fee to my credit card. I think you have a quality communication product and I follow you daily. Thank you for your investment guidance. Diane, Illinois

I wish you a happy New Year. I am very pleased with the service you provide. I just entered my Visa debit card on your website so please debit my card for a one year renewal. Please confirm receipt of this email and a confirmation of my renewal. Michael, Illinois

After my current subscription expires I want to make sure it doesn't automatically renew. I'll be out of the country and will no longer need your excellent newsletter, etc. Thank you. Santokh, Oregon

Would love to continue my subscription. Have done very well with your analysis (And lost when I have ignored it). Do I just get on line and re-register to continue the service? Jeff, Australia

I wish your team every success. You work hard for subscribers and do a commendable job. At 65, I am much less interested in frequent trading than I was just 10 years ago... funny how age changes oneÔÇÖs perspective. Steve, Washington

Please cancel my ETF Guide subscription. I have learned a great deal from your service, and I would like to try flying solo for awhile. Steven, Kansas Thank you. I admit, I am quite uncertain if I made the right decision to cancel.

Thank you for the useful information during the past year. I would, indeed, be interested in your checking back with me in the near term to see if my other sources are really enough. Tom, Illinois

Thank you for being gracious about my cancellation and crediting my card without a fuss. I will reconsider a subscription in the future. Madeleine, North Carolina

I am ready to re-sign up as a subscriber. I have traded on my own with zero success. Kirk, Texas

More Testimonials

As a new subscriber, I love the information that I am paying for. Great job and I am making better moves since I joined. I really appreciate it. Preston, Texas

P.S. - Thank you Simon! And two of my co-workers thank you, my cousin thanks you, my Pastor and his wife thank you, my Dad thanks you and my husband thanks you!. Laurie, California

Your last newsletter was the best analysis of what's going on that I've read to date, the other pundits haven't pieced it all together like you have, they just throw out unrelated snippets hither and yon. Very perceptive. John, Nevada

I just logged on to cancel my subscription but decided to read this month's newsletter before doing so and boy, am I glad I did. Finally, a newsletter that ÔÇťgets it.ÔÇŁ I am going to recommend your service to everyone. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of your customers. Buck, Delaware

Thank you for such a quick response to my inquiry. It is comforting to finally have found a RELIABLE opinion in the sea of opinions that are out there. Dennis, California

Hi Simon, Thanks again for your personalized response. I know that you are a busy man. Your analysis is thoroughÔÇŽ I believe that your forecasts will ultimately come to fruition. I look forward to that. Your personalized response speaks volumes for your integrity as well. Robert, Rhode Island

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